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We help property owners to fill vacancies, and companies to find premises

We at Nordic PM know that the road to successful leasing is via personal contact and effective work on site. As our business concept is characterised by flexibility, we offer a complete comprehensive leasing service as well as one-off interventions.

Our leasing process 

When we assist with leasing out premises, we act as the property owners’ representatives during the whole leasing process – from object and target group analysis, to marketing and showing, the property for offers,  negotiation of agreements, and contract writing. We also undertake regular checks for management and clients, in order to identify the right solutions, and handle the planning and contact with building entrepreneurs and architects in connection with tenant modifications.

Thanks to our long experience of leasing out and managing, we have often generated contacts who can help to match future tenants with vacant premises.

Change of Premises

Does your business need to vacate the rental premises before the lease expires?
We can support you in your next step!

Leaving a premises before the contract period expires can feel awkward, but that is why Nordic PM exists
- to make a difficult process a little easier! We will help you find a new tenant who can take over the contractor sublease the premises for the remainder of the contract period.

A shared workplace can be a happy workplace! Has a change in circumstances led to you only needing a portion of the current leasing property? We can explore the possibility of giving someone else a chance to use the freed space created. We can also open a dialogue with the property owner regarding renegotiation options of your terms of agreement.

With our wide network of contacts and well-established methods, we have good opportunities to find the most urgent and cost-saving solution for you as a tenant.


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