Welcome to Nordic PM

With solid and extensive competency within all our business areas, we act with a property owner’s perspective and manage the property as if it were our own.

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About Nordic PM

We help with most things related to property management, such as operational and technical management, commercial and financial management, including rental notification. Property development and property transactions advice. 

We have many years’ experience and extensive competencies within the property branch. We offer: 

With focus and commitment from our side, we are present and aware so that both the client and the tenant see us as a valuable partner. We are at our absolute best when we are on-site! With an entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated employees, presence, and a well-defined method, we create value in the properties with which we work.

Welcome to Nordic PM! 

We manage

336 properties throughout Sweden

A total area of

approx. 2 280 600 sq. m. in 163 municipalities



Business Model

Our business model is simple. We tailor custom solutions to each individual assignment. Our customers know what to expect at no additional cost. We offer everything from temporary interventions to long-term comprehensive solutions, and no assignment is too small or too large for us.

Our offer can apply to anything from complete responsibility for a property portfolio to support one-off interventions within a client’s existing organisation.

We are happy to take on shorter assignments, where the property owners can try us out to see what we can do for them. A smaller pilot project provides an excellent opportunity to see how we work and can be the beginning of a fruitful and long-term collaboration.


Business concept

Nordic PM’s business concept is built on providing qualified and customised services to our clients in the property business.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the people who are active in our clients’ properties.

Do you want to know more about how Nordic PM works and how we can help you?
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Subsidiary Companies

By integrating the subsidiary companies’ core competencies within the areas of property and landscape in our assignments, we can together offer an even more comprehensive solution to you as the client. Click on each subsidiary company below to see precisely how it reinforces Nordic PM’s services.

The service group Nativus has over 20 years of experience in developing office and real estate services. The company has developed rapidly since the start in 2018, and in 2019 the subsidiary Nativus One was started, which focuses on comprehensive solutions in facility management for property owners and companies throughout Sweden. The name Nativus means tailor-made, which is the keyword for the entire business and its services. The Nativus group also includes several subsidiaries, which broaden the range of services even further. Read more at nativus.se.

KOMFAST is a property management company that works like the old-time caretakers, but with the latest technology and tools. Each property receives a tailored service agreement with its own caretaker who handles everything from maintenance, operation and repairs to cost and improvement proposals, contact with authorities, work management and much more. Read more at komfast.com


We at Nordic PM employ talented employees who are passionate about their work assignments, are responsible and take pride in their abilities. Our organisation is competent and well-developed, and adapts to the assignment as effectively as possible, with a focus on results and a high return on the client’s expenditures.

Core Values

Our core values are important to us. We are proud of them, and they are embedded in everything we do!


In all situations, every employee at Nordic PM must ask him/herself “What would I do if I owned this property?” In this way, we always act in the best interests of the client.


It should be easy to do business with us. Customer assignments are adapted to the prevailing circumstances and, of course, our clients choose where they want our assistance.


It is of utmost importance to us that we are always available, with prompt feedback. We want to be close to our customers and be quick to be on-site when needed in order to live up to our motto “Always on site”.

Innovative thinking 

We are creative and able to find solutions that are both unconventional and beneficial. We do not act routinely, but rather reflect on the various routes available to reach the goal.


As one of our employees, you will be a member of a committed and competent team. Together, we create a better everyday life for those people who are active in our clients’ properties. Here, we are driven by first-class service, the opportunity to influence and pursue personal development, and we have fun together. This is why we have such satisfied customers and show such good results.

Are you also a creative, innovative thinker who loves property, then you will be happy with us.   

You are welcome to leave a spontaneous application at jobb@nordicpm.se. We always welcome new talent.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn for updates on vacant positions.

Quality and environmental work

Work environment



Nordic PM was founded by Joakim Orthén.


Agreement with Carlyle Group on management of Globen Shopping & Globen City.


Nordic PM receives total management assignment from Hemfosa Real Estate.


Nordic PM receives increased confidence from Hemfosa Real Estate to manage their property portfolio in Greater Stockholm.


Nordic PM merges with Batir, which broadens the business with a greater focus on technical management and project management. This also means that Nordic PM receives a framework agreement for the management of Profi Fastigheter.


Nordic PM continues to grow through the assignment of TWL Service regarding property management for the Stockholm region.


A successful year for Nordic PM with a number of new clients in management and leasing, including Public Housing, Commerz Real, Estea, Nordika Real Estate, Arlandastad Holding and Real Estate Owners Stockholm.


Nordic PM buds on parts of the business including technical management and property management. We are moving from the Globe to new premises in the Danvik Center. Extended assignment from Public House.


New assignments again, this time by Estancia Logistics on management and leasing, by NREP regarding technical management of their Swedish property portfolio and by Grosvenor regarding leasing in retail.


Nordic PM is acquired by Fastator and thus becomes part of the same group as Public Housing. We continue to grow through assignments regarding the management and leasing of 725 student housing in southern Sweden as well as total management assignments by Veidekke.


Nordic PM launches two new business areas with its own staff, financial management and property management. We are commissioned by Hemfosa Real Estate to be responsible for the operation of their portfolio in Greater Stockholm.


Nordic PM will be responsible for managing 161 properties throughout Sweden on behalf of Public Housing. The assignment establishes several local offices around the country.


Jeanette Öhrn takes over the CEO post after the company's founder Joakim Orthén. Nordic PM grows and employs a further 30 employees during the year.


Nordic PM grows and opens a local office in Karlstad.


Nordic PM acquires the companies KOM Fastighetsförvaltning, Emterfors Elentreprenad AB and Nativus. A new management assignment with Citycon is signed.



Företagsparken's many acquisitions during the year leads to extended commission agreements and Nordic PM is given continued trust to manage large parts of existing and acquired holdings across the country.